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Dragonfly Qigong empowers people to feel more present and less overwhelmed by the stresses of daily life

Who we are

Dragonfly Qigong offers a deeply connecting, restorative and immersive experience of authentic medical qigong.

We offer a diversity of styles ranging from gentle and flowing movement meditations to deep dynamic stretching forms, giving you a rich foundation and a well-rounded understanding of the knowledge, theory and wisdom of the practice.

We specialise in applying Qigong to relieve symptoms of mental health challenges such as stress, anxiety and depression, using the discipline of Qigong as a complimentary therapy.

Our approach is holistic and produces noticeable results after just one session. When practiced regularly, this can evolve into a deeply felt transformation.

What makes our classes unique is the attention to detail given to learning each form, the clear and concise class facilitation, and providing a safe and supportive learning environment. This allows you let go of the challenges of the day and to take a journey through the class into presence and calm.


The legend of the Dragonfly

With gentle, graceful, agile and deliberate movements, the Dragonfly embodies many of the qualities of Qigong.

Known as the Qing Ting in Chinese, the dragonfly is one of the lesser known animals of Feng Shui and carries great symbolic meaning.

Traditionally in ancient rural Chinese culture, dragonflies were seen favourably among farmers, as they would hunt other insects that they saw as pests. This led to them being seen as an emblem to drive away bad luck.

Furthermore, it became folklore that when a dragonfly entered your house, that it would bring harmony, blessings and loving relationships to the family and dispel all negative energy from the home.

This would extend to people living in the home, signifying purification in dispelling bad energy from their bodies, and promoting healing and recovery from poor health.

Adam’s Story

Adam J Wiltshire is the
Founder and Master Instructor of Dragonfly Qigong.

He started his healing journey when just 15 in seeking natural remedies and solutions to managing his mental health having struggling with anxiety and depression throughout most of his teenage and early adult years.

When first seeking help to cope with his situation, Adam was given a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder (type 2 – the less severe kind) and was put on heavy medication that he was told to take for the rest of his life.

Since then, he has trained with several Qigong master teachers alongside qualifying as a Reiki Master Teacher and Meditation Instructor.

He has developed a diligent and daily personal practice of these modalities as supports for managing his mental health challenges and after 4 years of practice he was able to overcome medication. He has now been living without medication for 5 years and feeling much more emotionally steady and balanced.

Adam is passionate about sharing these ancient healing modalities to help and support others who are seeking natural supports to manage their mental health and to feel better.

He believes that holistic medicine such as Qigong can work well alongside Western medicine and pharmaceuticals and encourages an integration of Qigong alongside your current mental health treatment plan.


What is Qigong?

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