Qigong Styles

Styles of Qigong Taught by Adam Wiltshire

Adam has been fortunate to have been exposed to number of Qigong styles and has sought out and trained with experienced master teachers from around the world. He has been certified and accredited by his teachers and given authority to share the teachings through his private practice.

Adam offers a mix of online qigong classes, qigong classes in Sydney, private mentorships and specialist offerings to organisations. Classes typically last for 1 hour either as a an individual class format or as part of a cumulative teaching approach over a 10 week term. The classes typically involve a warm up, learning 2 Qigong forms and standing meditation at the end of class.

What makes Adam’s teaching style unique is his combination of a relaxed, friendly and joyful learning environment alongside clear instruction, interactive demonstrations and personal feedback on how to go deeper into your practice.

Class involves a balanced combination of Qigong theory, practice and feedback to help students get the most out of what Qigong can offer them. One of Adam’s main teaching objectives is for students to feel confident in the forms and to feel empowered to practice on their own outside class so they can really start to feel the transformative and healing benefits that Qigong can help them create in their lives.


8 Trigram Organ Qigong

An ancient series of 8 forms characterised by spiral and deep twisting like movements that seamlessly link from one movement to the next.

The 8 trigrams are based on the Bagua from the I-Ching text. This Qigong helps to detoxify the fascia of imbalances, gently squeezes & massages the organs and cleanses the meridian channels throughout the body.

This qigong is more technical and targeted in nature and helpful in treating injuries to the spine, shoulders, arms and chest. Adam trained in this style with Master Tevia Feng in Thailand and his White Tiger Qigong School.

Shibashi Set 1

Shibashi is one of the most widely known and practiced Qigong forms in the world.

There are 8 different sets that were first developed by Professor Lin Housheng at Shanghai Qigong Research Institute in 1979. It is a modern style of Qigong with many of the movements being variations of movements from more ancient Qigong and Taiji forms.

It is a simple and powerful set of Qigong movements which are more gentle and flowing in their nature. Adam trained in this style with Master Simon Blow in Australia.

Ba Duan Jin, 8 Pieces of Brocade

The 8 Pieces Of Brocade is an ancient and popular series of movements which each work on particular organ groups and target their corresponding meridian channels.

This series is characterised by 8 stretching Qigong exercises that work on the whole body and bringing it back into balance. Adam trained in this style with Master Simon Blow in Australia.

5 Element Qigong

An ancient series based on 5 animals: the dragon, the leopard, the tiger, the snake and the crane.

Each form is connected to a different element, season, organ, emotion and targets specific organs and meridians in the body. This qigong is more dynamic in nature with deep stretches, breath holds, stances and body balancing. It is form of low-moderate intensity exercise that works on the core and is helpful in cultivating more muscle definition. Adam trained in this style with Master Tevia Feng in Thailand and his White Tiger Qigong School.

Guigen Qigong

This potent series of 6 Qigong forms is based on the 5 element framework with each form designed to stimulate specific meridians and each of of the 5 ‘zang’ organs of the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver and spleen along with the corresponding ‘fu’ organs of the stomach, large intestine, small intestine, san jiao (triple heater), urinary bladder and gallbladder.

This style of qigong was developed by Professor Xu Hongtao at the Xiyuan Hospital in Beijing. He is a trained medical doctor who chose to specialise in Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Adam trained in this style with Master Simon Blow in Australia.


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