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Why is intention important in Qigong?

If you have attended my terms or classes before, it is likely that you have heard me talk about the...
Qigong word cloud and healing hands - female cupped hands with t

Daily practice – myths, mindset and mastery 

  The path to succeeding with Qigong is not a conventional mindset embedded in western culture.  After all, Qigong is...

Isn’t QiGong just for Seniors?

Here’s how it can help just about… anyone! A common misunderstanding in the west is that Tai Chi and QiGong...

What reasons hold you back from making time for your wellbeing? Find 3 ways to move forward starting today

When it comes to taking time out to look after your wellbeing and mental health - it’s all too easy...

Do you struggle with daily racing thoughts and want to find more clarity of mind?

Today i want to share my latest blog with you on my personal secrets to overcoming overthinking and racing thoughts......

How do you meet yourself when you’re stressed? Discover the 3 A’s formula to less stress

How do you meet yourself when you're stressed? In many ways – our faced paced western culture does not prepare...

Catching your stress self talk – do you have an imposter in your mind?  

We all have an inner critic. That voice in the head that tells us ‘you should have should have known...

Stressing less: do you self-sabotage your own wellbeing?

Do you find that something always seems to get in the way of taking time out to de-stress, completely reset...
Qigong in chinese garden

Lets talk about your mental health – can learning Qigong help you feel better?

For many people suffering from stress, overwhelm and anxiety, it is a painful daily reality that is just not talked...
Qi beach

How Qigong can transform your meditation experiences

Within the realm of meditation there is a plethora of different styles, techniques and modalities. Whilst the techniques will vary,...
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