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Ready for a positive change? Enrol in one of our signature terms of Qigong classes in Sydney

There are many ways to learn and experience qigong, but no two classes or teachers will be the same.

When making the choice to study Qigong it is important to choose a class that offers instructor feedback on your form quality, that unpacks Qigong theory and its Chinese medicine foundations, and to learn with a supportive and experienced teacher.

Our trainings are designed to meet you where you are in your Qigong journey and offer you a professional, immersive and empowering path forwards 

Qigong is never something you have done, finished or completed – it is a practice that needs to be studied, explored and continuously refined. The eastern origins of Qigong emphasise that for it to be effective, it must be practiced frequently in order to keep your Qi flowing freely and harmoniously. When the Qi is not balanced, this is when dis-ease can arise in your mind and body.

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Why Qigong

If we only practice Qigong once a week, the effects you will feel are likeable to a massage - you will feel good for a short time but eventually the pleasure will fade. We are passionate about helping our students and clients obtain a much deeper and enriching experience than this and offer our regular multi-week terms to help students establish a healthy routine and supportive habit of Qigong practice.

“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones”  Confucius

When we approach Qigong in this way, this creates the foundations for healing and transformation. What you get out of Qigong and our trainings will equate to the strength of your intention (your why) and your willingness to practice. We are confident that the positive benefits you will feel from the  Qigong will help you clarify this intention and serve as inspiration for you to succeed.

In person classes

We offer both in-person and online classes so you can learn wherever you are. 

Adam teaches classes in Balmain, Sydney

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Adam will be teaching the 8 Trigram Organ Qigong style for term 2 of the year.

This ancient Qigong series is a gentle and beginner friendly form of Qigong Adam teaches, offering both a meditative experience whilst providing a mindful stretch and low-moderate workout of the whole body.

Each of the movement's target’s different organs and meridian channels that offers a deep healing and detoxification of any imbalances within the body. All our styles are relaxing and enjoyable forms of Qigong and very popular among our students.

These classes are not drop in and you will need to commit to the full legnth of the term. Each week build's on the learning from the previous week and works towards learning the full sequence of Qigong forms for the term. If you need to cancel a class, please let Adam know and you then resume the term the following week and catch up in your own time.


Key Information
Time: 7:15pm
Start date: Thursday 11th April 2024
Duration: 1 hour
Term Length: 7 Weeks
Location: RedoHealth Clinic, Balmain, 73 Mullens Street
Cost: $196
Qigong Forms: Meridian Qigong, 8 Trigram Qigong
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Qigong Classes in Sydney


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