The power of Qigong

An ancient system of knowledge, wisdom and natural healing

With its origins approximately dating back to the Wu people in ancient China over 7000 years ago, Qigong has been used as a tool to balance the body and stimulate its self healing abilities for centuries.

The word Qigong – translates ‘Qi’, vital energy and ‘Gong’ cultivation and is also spelt ‘Chi-kung’ in the western interpretation. It forms one of the 4 branches of Chinese medicine alongside Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs and Tui Na medical massage.

To date, there are over 3000 styles of Qigong registered with the Chinese government. There are ancient forms of Qigong that have been passed down from Master to student through the generations. Then there are the variations of those styles that have emerged through the years. Many masters have also developed their own routines.

Most Qigong forms can be segmented under the categories of Medical Qigong, Daoist Qigong, Martial Qigong, Buddhist Qigong and Modern Medical Qigong.

Dragonfly Qigong offers a mix of classes drawing on Daoist Medical Qigong, Modern Medical Qigong and Medical Qigong - offering students an immersive and well-rounded experience of Qigong practice.


The Dragonfly Qigong factor

Choosing to learn and study Qigong with us is the beginning of a beautiful journey of mindful living, inner transformation and becoming more of who you truly are.

A Dragonfly Qigong class is more than just an excercise or meditation class, by the end of our session you can expect to feel a noticable difference and shift in your state of mind - a slowing down of racing thoughts, feeling present and grounded in your body and a deep stillness flowing through you.

What you learn here with us extends well beyond our time in class. When we start to approach the world with a calm and clear mind, our whole perspective on how we see ourselves and reality can positively change. We can feel less reactive towards the stresses of everyday life, more equipped to manage emotional ups and downs, and feel a greater self awareness to know the difference.

Our programs will meet you where you are and support you in your training and development. No prior experience or understanding is necessary as our training is comprehensive and provides you with all you need to develop a solid foundation of Qigong practice.

Qigong vs Tai Chi – what’s the difference?

Qigong is often taught alongside the more widely known Tai Chi but it is important to note that the two arts have some important differences and distinctions between them and they are not the same thing.

Tai Chi is younger than Qigong and is estimated to have originated 2000 years ago with most of the styles emerging from the Yang and Chen families and lineages. Tai Chi routines are often between 18 to over 120 movements in length where as Qigong routines are more simpler and shorter in length.

Tai Chi can also be practiced competitively in tournaments and can feature weapons as part of the forms whereas Qigong does not share these traits. Certain Tai Chi forms also have martial art applications whereas Qigong does not and is largely accepted as a medicinal and internal martial art in the worldwide community. Tai Chi typically places less emphasis on the detoxification of specific organs and targeted meridians, whereas this forms a crucial part of the Chinese medicine underpinning Qigong.

Both Tai Chi and Qigong are wonderful and powerful healing arts that have helped millions of people around the world.


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